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Hey Love,

My name is Johnetta Cuff but I go by Netta. I create healing through my written and spoken words. Amongst my spiritual gifts, I am a intuitive life coach, writer, speaker. I love being of service to others and empowering humanity to embody unconditional love for self and others. I have been through my own traumatic past and have turned my wounds into wisdom by doing the inner work and continuously walking the path of self realization. I know by living inside out I am truly thriving and I am then able to serve from a higher consciousness for the highest good of all. This hasn’t been the easiest journey but it has been liberating and all I can say is “SHIFT HAPPENS”. When we choose to change what we E.A.T ( emotions, actions, thoughts our lives can transform tremendously. I truly put my heart into this blog and hope by me sharing my truths you will be empowered to live your truth with inner peace.


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