12 Tips For Mastering You In Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, and a student on this journey I have learned it all starts with the mind. The mind is all and the universe is mental a principle of mentalism. In this game of life, you are the creator of your reality. What you eat mentally, physically, and spiritually is key. Our realities are manifestations of what’s within. Everything you need is already within you so fighting yourself and running on old programs will affect every aspect of your life including your business.  The name of this game is Master Yourself. To master yourself you must connect to that divine power within in to align with the true you. The category of your industry doesn’t matter these are golden nuggets and to mastering you because in the end that’s really one of our biggest lessons on this journey. In this article, I will give you some tips and tools to guide you on your journey.


  1. Know Thy Self- You must know who you are so that you’re able to stand strong in your integrity and character. Know who you are so that you aren’t wavering when you get around others who may test your integrity you need to be able to cultivate the inner strength for you to stand strong on your own unique path.
  2. Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self Confidence– Love, respect, and confidence are the true gems to this life. Before we can love another, we must love ourselves, loving yourself during the good and so-called bad times. Respecting yourself is to acknowledge and like who you are and to have empathy and compassion for yourself and have healthy high regard about who you are as a person flaws and all. How are you talking to yourself? Are you taking time for yourself and practicing self-care? Are you taking the necessary action to create the life you want? That’s where the confidence takes place and you check in on your self-esteem. Why do you feel inadequate? Are you loyal to you? Are you putting too much time, energy, and value into people’s opinions or just overall to people who don’t matter in your life? Clear out the emotional baggage and clutter. You matter, your loved and you are great just choose to embody everything that you want to be.
  3. Spiritual Practice– This is key and should of been #1 but it’s here. Are you taking the timeout to go within and receive the inner messages to guide you? Are you meditating, praying, and just overall practicing your form of spiritual practice? Are you centered in your inner peace and grounded in your spiritual practice? Your true self is never judging you that’s your ego. Spiritual growth must be a priority because everything we need and create starts within. You must believe and have faith in yourself and that the higher power within you is always there to create the miracles, blessing, and gifts you couldn’t have even imagined.
  4. Reprogramming Your Mind–  Are you aware of your thoughts? Do you think negatively? Are you thinking constructively? What old programming are you operating on that is no longer serving you?  To play the game of life we must go through challenges and to get through them you must be mentally strong and know and believe that you are LIMITLESS. Focus on you and become the best version of yourself, everyone else is taken.
  5. Self-Discipline– This will show up in every aspect of your life. If you want to level up in all aspects of your life cultivate this skill and quality in your life period. No excuses. Self-control and will power are one of the keys to your success. When you don’t feel like it this is when this skill needs to be cultivated. You want success GO GET IT! Discipline those thoughts and don’t dwell on your shortcomings or the old. Discipline your emotions. Discipline your habits and mind. Master this skill and you will soar.
  6. Intuition- Know the difference between your intellect and intuition. Always use both but your inner guide will never steer you in the wrong direction. Quiet your mind and listen.
  7. Gratitude- This is a must! Be grateful for all you have and all that’s coming. Be grateful for the blessings and challenges. Challenges make you grow. Start inviting them and the game you will master. Keep a gratitude journal and write. Keep your blessings on paper and in your heart.
  8. Energy– Master your energy and become aware of how you show up and show out. Heal all the pains of the past and transmute, gear it towards what you want. Raise your vibration and be loving, compassionate, and empathetic and always have discernment. Value your energy and don’t waste it on people, places, and things that no longer serve you.
  9. Enjoy the Process & Smile- Life is too short and long not to enjoy. You must have a sense of humor in your life. Focus on the positive and spend time with the ones you love that’s what matters most in this journey, not the materials we obtain that’s just whip cream on top, not the whole pie.
  10. Risk- Take the risk to try again after failure…That’s the secret. Release perfectionism and allow yourself to fail and try. Some risk you can calculate and some you just must have faith and keep it pushing. Just get up like Onaga from Mortal Kombat and kick butt. Win the war but choose your battles wisely!
  11. Well-Being-Health is wealth. Take care of your self-mind, body, and soul. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Take care of your avatar! You are what you eat so eat to nourish your body. Limit stress as well and pamper your avatar when needed. Holistically take care of you.

These are just some of the master tools there are plenty more you and others may add because I can write a whole book but for the sake of this article, I shall digress. There are plenty of tools you can use but the key is to use them.

Be The Solution In Your Life And In The World! #InnerPeaceWithNetta#YouKnowWhat2Do!

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