Master Onion aka Alchemist

I am making a conscious effort to be bold, be courageous on my inner healing journey. I am on the path to becoming a master onion aka alchemist. My journey has been painful, liberating, hard, fun, and rewarding. I have become an onion as I peel back the layers and rediscover myself. I’m on my quest and speaking my truth and owning it. FIRST LAYER: I look in the mirror as I stare into my soul, I’m on the quest to live my truth and be authentic but wait, here comes that shadow that used to hide under my bed as a child and scare me to sleep. The one that instilled anger in my heart, the same shadow that replayed the pain, betrayal, negative thoughts, unworthiness, lack of self-love, self-sabotage, self-hate, worry, guilt and resentment that manifested in my life at one time or another but NO MORE. SECOND LAYER: This time I AM AWAKE, I AM AWARE, I AM COMMITTED, I AM GROWING, I AM HONORING MYSELF and acknowledging my emotions and validating myself. I became accountable for myself 100%. I now step up and stand up for myself. I got work to do! THIRD LAYER: Well Damn! This layer has Niagara Falls streaming out of my soul portal it’s all healing and releasing I face my past pains that were triggered. You know all the trauma and dysfunction we claim as normal and suppress or repress. The hush secrets of generational cycles of sexual trauma, neglect, abandonment, abuse, toxic relationships, SOUL death, and codependency, damn this layer is thick but I break this cycle. I choose to stay awake there is no turning back. I hear and feel my ancestors and spirit cheering me on. They are my dream team within. They told me “you get stuck you rot” or you heal and grow, choose wisely”! Fourth Layer: This is when you make the choice. Walk-in Love or Fear? It’s only room for one. Which do I choose? Which will you choose?  Well, fear will replay the pains of the past as love will set you free from it. I choose LOVE! I need it to heal and share with others. Love is the way. Loving me 100% including my shadow. I go within as everything I’ve ever needed is already within me, like an onion the nutrients, juices, and flavor are within but you must pull back the layers. I advise everyone to go on your own quest to your authentic self that’s where you connect with the Divine within. It’s all about love don’t let anyone tell you different, continue your quest, and become the master onion. Become the best version of you follow your inner guide and heart. Fifth Layer, Notice! Here’s a notice, this quest is continuous there are just higher levels, people will come and go but most of all you will have the ones that appreciate you when you do the inner work of healing and exploring. New you, new crew, new life. We attract what we are so be what you want to attract. Be good to you and others will follow suit or fall off. Love you and all will follow or fall. Remember rejection is protection, your one step closer to what’s for you. Sixth Layer New lesson: Self-care, self-love, compassion, humility, creativity, inner strength, self-respect, unbreakable faith, honesty, balance, inner peace, harmony, forgiveness, commitment, resilience, perseverance, selflessness and detachment are just some of the keys of the journey, use them. Embrace you 100% always. Embrace giving and receiving, Reciprocity not transactional. Uplift others never break them down, be the master onion. Lead with your new life and new narrative change your story by living inside out never outside in. Reprogram your mental and surrender all thought you knew. March to the beat of your own drum. Transmute those wounds into wisdom. Be the master onion aka alchemist.

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