8 Essential Tools For Healing On Your Self- Realization Journey

    1. Compassionate self – introspection Find your true purpose, essence, and fundamentals of your nature in an unconditional loving way. Unlearn what you learned and remember who you are by aligning with your higher self. Know who you are so no one else can tell you otherwise. Challenge your beliefs about yourself and others. Is there unfinished healing between you and your parents. What limiting beliefs did you inherit about life, money, survival, sex, relationships, boundaries, love, etc. We all make mistakes just re-evaluate the role you played and learn from it and release it. If it is something from childhood forgive your parents or caregiver. they did the best they knew how, and it was taught to them or a habit formed from their own issues. Do some deep soul healing and the answers will appear like magic!
    1. Meditation- A practice tool to go to your sacred space of inner peace and open the channels to your higher self without EGO or Intellect. This is where your higher self will give you the answers you’ve been searching for. Start with 5mins and be consistent. There are many meditations to find the one for you. Also, try to quiet your mind let the thoughts flow but focus on your breath. Staring at a candle flame to center your mind is a great beginner meditation. The more consistent the longer your meditations. 20-30mins a day is enough when you get to that time length. Make time for your meditation!
    1. Breath- Pay attention to how your body sensations feel when you breathe. Focus on inhaling and exhaling for 5mins in a quiet space, nature, shower, on the toilet, anywhere you can find 5mins of peace. This is key for meditation as well.
    1. Journaling/Creative Writing- Journaling every day is a great tool. I love to write myself, but it must be consistent. Buy a notebook specifically for journaling/ creative writing. A regular composition notebook is all you need or create one with a binder. Get creative name the notebook and go there to pour out your emotions also express your gratitude for all that you have and all that is coming to you. You may eventually write a book, poetry, songs, a movie 😊😊…. All things are possible! You only limit yourself with your beliefs!
    1. Exercise  This is key for the mind, body, and soul. Exercise comes in many forms. It doesn’t have to be intense, but you must move your body daily. Get a hula hoop, belly dance, pole dance, dance period, yoga, Pilates, cardio, weights, calisthenics, there are couch exercises seriously move your body and sweat. When you look good you feel good!
    1. Patience Have patience with yourself on this self-healing journey. Time heals all wounds. While the wound is healing don’t pick at it, nurture your wounds until they fully heal. Some wounds heal quicker than others. Be patient and consistent and committed to your wellbeing. Be selfless! Selflove, confidence is the foundation of how you live your life and how others treat you. Know your worth and never devalue yourself.
    1. Change yourself only!- Please do not try to change anyone else they have to save themselves. You can always help and guide but changing someone is spiritually immoral. This is self-healing, not you and your entourage. When you heal others will follow suit on their own time or they will be removed from your life. You will notice the difference in your reality and your perception will drastically change.
    1. HAVE FUN– The healing process won’t always be good times but it’s your catalyst to your internal happiness and divine love and there is nothing greater than that!

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