By : Johnetta Cuff

Let’s give this year 2020 a farewell with love we are in the last month of this year and we are coming into the New Year of 2021 in less than 30 days. What did this year teach you? What have you learned about yourself? How has 2020 changed your life? This year has affected humanity this year and has ripped the band aid off to the issues we chose not to face and made us look in the mirror and change. It has caused emotions to rise to the surface so that we individually can face our fears and unconscious bias. In retrospect this year has been a blessing in disguise. This year has been a year of death not only physically but spiritually and it served its purpose to teach us the most important lesson in life we will learn and that is oneness and unconditional love.  We as humanity has been forced to put our foot in other people shoes and show compassion while others continue live in fear. This year our shadows came to surface and forced us to show compassion and to face our truths without further hesitation. This year has forced us to live in gratitude for the air that we breathe as we have seen a lot of people pass on this year not only from this pandemic but injustices that have been going on for years. This was our wake-up call that something needed to change, before this pandemic there were atrocities going on in the world and there still is but now, we can no longer say that we don’t see. We may not be able to have world peace and cure all atrocities but the one thing we can do is change ourselves and be true to ourselves. When we do this, we share this with the rest of the world and that’s for the highest good for everyone. We must help one another and realize when one of us is in pain and no one lends a hand it becomes a domino affect and that pain gets passed on. Let’s become more aware of what’s going on around us and lend a helping hand.

 This year has been heaven and hell for me and that’s something I created by the way I thought about each circumstance in the moment. This year showed me where I wasn’t taking control of my life and was playing victim. This year made me face my fears, forgive more, and truly learn to have faith that the Universe was for me and not against me. I had learned that I was courageous and that everything I needed was already within me and nothing outside of me could stop me from being an impactful force in my own and others’ lives.  Although I am ready for 2021, I release 2020 with major love and forgiveness. The cycle of fear in my life no longer holds me captive in my life. I’m in the process of having my heart cracked open and evolving my consciousness to elevate to a new life that I am cocreating despite all that has happened thus far. I now look at life differently and have set the intention and made a promise to always be true to myself and to empower my brothers and sister in any way that will uplift them to become self-actualized. We are all here for a reason and that’s to become our true selves and empower others in our own authentic way for others to do the same. Let’s release the judgements and the hate and start looking through the lens of love. It’s easier said than done but when it’s done you feel lighter and all the heaviness in your heart is released. This wasn’t a year to stop living but the year to strengthen your spirit and love yourself and others more. It’s all about love don’t allow anyone to tell you different. Love is your birthright you don’t need to earn it’s just given because you came from love you are love, the more you give it out the more its comebacks and that’s all everyone is truly searching for, but it starts with yourself first. Everything is energy so drive into 2021 with some fresh positive, loving, liberating energy. It’s all about love don’t let them tell you different, sayonara 2020.